Tensky Ionic Hairdryer Review

Hair Dryer, Tensky High Speed Hair Blow Dryer with Magnetic Nozzle, Ionic Hairdryer with 110, 000 RPM Brushless Motor & HD Display for Home, Travel, Self Cleaning (Premium Grey)

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Tensky Ionic Hairdryer Review
Tensky Ionic Hairdryer Review
$59.99 $89.99
Strong air output
Quiet operation
Easy-to-read LED

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One of the things I like about the Tensky Ionic Hair Blow Dryer is that the fact that the attachment is magnetic and can easily be added or removed with no twisting or tightening.

There is a switch on the back of the handle that turns the unit on and off. The button below the power switch controls the cool, warm, and hot temperature settings. The button towards the front of the unit controls the output speed between low and high.

Tensky Ionic Hairdryer with attachment

It’s also very easy to clean the hair dryer by simply removing the cap on the back (which also attaches magnetically) and holding down the speed button for 3 seconds, which causes the Tensky unit to blow air in the opposite direction (and out the back) to easily remove any dust bunnies that might have accumulated back there.

Benefits of Ionic Hairdryers

An ionic hair dryer is a type of hair dryer that emits negative ions that counteract with positive ions in your hair. Positive ions are caused by damage to your hair’s cuticle, such as from heat, chemicals or pollution. Negative ions help to break down water molecules faster and seal the cuticle, resulting in less frizz, more shine and faster drying time.

Tensky Ionic Hairdryer


I was very surprised how quiet this unit is. Compared to a regular hairdryer, I would say that the sound from this blow dryer is about half of a traditional blow dryer. Since it is not deafening, if you’re listening to music on a nearby speaker, you can probably continue enjoying the music while you dry your hair with this dryer.

Tensky Ionic Hairdryer on low heat setting

It also heats up quickly and the unit blows strong: maybe a little too strong for my medium length hair as it moves around too much even on the “low” setting. I need to hold it about an arms length away so I don’t look like I was riding in a convertible with the top down. This is probably less of an issue if you have long hair and need it to dry quickly.

Tensky Ionic Hairdryer on high heat setting

The digital display on the back of the unit shows you the temperature of the high and low settings and the unit maintains a consistent temperature during use. And my hair does dry very quickly with this Tensky Ionic hairdryer. My head is usually dry within 3-4 minutes of using the unit.

Video Overview of Tensky Ionic Hairdryer

9.3Expert Score

The Tensky Ionic Hairdryer is quiet, heats up quickly, and blows strongly in a compact, easy to use unit. The LED indicators on the back make it easy to see the temperature and speed settings, and the unit is easy to clean with the reverse blowing function.

  • Strong air output
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy-to-read LED
  • Air output might be too strong for shorter hair


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