SoundPEATS RunFree Lite Review

SoundPEATS Air Conduction Headphones, RunFree Lite Open-Ear Bluetooth V5.3 Headphones with Bass Boost and 17 Hours, Sweatproof Ultralight Sports Headset for Running, Workouts, Comfortable Fit, USB-C

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SoundPEATS RunFree Lite Review
SoundPEATS RunFree Lite Review
$29.99 $39.99
More bass than Aftershokz
Long battery life
Easy to use controls

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Like the Truefree F1 headphones, the SoundPEATS RunFree Lite resemble the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. However, like the F1 headphones, the RunFree Lite don’t use bone conduction technology. It uses ”air conduction,” which are essentially small speakers pointed towards your ear. This allows you to hear what is going on around you since your ear is not completely blocked by the headphones.

SoundPEATS RunFree Lite vs AfterShokz
Truefree F1 headphones vs Aftershokz OpenMove

There are three buttons on the side of the earbud: power, volume up and volume down. I was surprised how light these felt when I took the headphones out of the box. They weight only 27 grams and should be comfortable for extended periods of wear.


One of the first things I noticed when using the RunFree headphones is that the bass is much more pronounced compared to the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. It’s not as much bass as you would get from larger over-the-ear headphones, but is enough to sufficiently enhance the sound of your music.

SoundPEATS RunFree Lite speaker

The RunFree Lite headphones site are comfortable to wear and seem secure, but you may notice them shift while doing more intensive activities such as running or HIIT workouts. If you run long distances, you’ll probably notice this more and it may become more of an issue for you. However, for short runs, or if you plan to use these while sitting at desk, going for a walk, or doing some chores around the house, the fit should be fine for most people.

Battery Life on the RunFree Lite Headphones

The RunFree Lite headphones can last up to 17 hours on a single charge, and the headphones are recharged with a standard USB-C cable. The port is protected under a small rubber flap to help keep out moisture and sweat.

SoundPEATS RunFree Lite

Video Review of the SoundPEATS RunFree Lite

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The SoundPEATS RunFree Light headphones use “air conduction” instead of “bone conduction,” which results in more bass while still being able to hear what is going on around you. There is some movement while running, so they may not be ideal for distance runners, but for short runs and walks, the fit securely and have long battery life.

  • More bass than Aftershokz bone conduction
  • Long 17 hour battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Some movement while running
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