Soundcore Motion X600 Review

Soundcore Motion X600 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Hi-Res Spatial Audio,50W Sound, IPX7 Waterproof, 12H Long Playtime, Pro EQ, Built-in Handle, AUX-in (Blue)


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Soundcore Motion X600 Review
Soundcore Motion X600 Review
Great sound quality and bass performance
Convenient, built-in handle
Backlit buttons and IPX7 water resistance

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The Soundcore Motion X600 speaker gives off some retro “boombox” vibes from the 80s and 90s with it rectangular shape and built-in (albeit non-foldable) handle. We’re testing the “Lunar Blue” color, which is a pleasing shade of light blue on the metallic finish.

Soundcore Motion X600 speaker

The controls are located across the top and tilted towards you slightly at a convenient 15° angle. The power button is indented, which makes it easier to locate by feel. The rest of the buttons are flat and include these functions:

  • Bluetooth: This button places the speaker back into pairing mode, so you can connect a different phone
  • Spatial Audio: This toggles the Spatial Audio feature, but you’ll likely want to leave it enabled.
  • Bass Up: Another toggle that you will want to likely leave enabled for enhanced bass.
  • Volume controls: The – and + buttons decrease and increase the volume.
  • Play/Pause button: This button can also skip forward with a double-press and rewind with a triple press
Soundcore Motion X600 speaker close up on backlit buttons


Soundcore Motion X600 vs Bose Revolve+ II

The Soundcore Motion X600 has excellent sound and gives my Bose Revolve+ II a run for its money. The bass is strong without being overly powerful, but if you find it to be too much, you can turn off the Bass Up feature. The bass isn’t quite as strong as the Bose Revolve+ II, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing: the Bose Revolve+ II almost sounds a little “muddy” with the bass compared to the Motion X600’s Spatial Audio feature.

Bose Revolve+ II with Soundcore Motion X600 speaker

Soundcore Motion X600 Spatial Audio

The Spatial Audio feature further enhances the higher frequencies, providing some separation for the percussion and vocals for an impressive sound stage. In fact, after listening for a while with the Spatial Audio feature on, turning off will suddenly make your music sound almost anemic, even though this speaker still sounds great with the Spatial Audio feature off. However, please note that this speaker doesn’t specifically support spatial audio formats such as Dolby Atmos Music, but instead provides a sort-of spatial audio “enhancement” for all music.

If you have an Android device compatible with LDAC, you’ll be happy to know that this speaker also supports LDAC for Hi-Res Audio, but I found the “regular” Bluetooth audio streaming from my iPhone to still sound impressive on this speaker.

If you want to tweak the sound some more, the Soundcore app allows you to pick from a handful of pre-built equalizer settings and also gives you the ability to create your own.

The Motion X600 doesn’t have any LED lightning effects (other than the backlit buttons) like the Soundcore Flare 2, but the X600 does get louder with its 50 watts of power (compared to 10 watts on the Flare 2).


  • Spatial Audio: Enabling the Spatial Audio feature provides additional separation in your music, making it sound as if the music is surrounding you. You don’t need to use a special audio format; just play your music as normal.
  • IPX7 water resistance: This speaker can actually be submerged in water briefly and survive, but just make sure the rubber cover on the back is in place and protecting the charging port. Looking for free music for listening poolside? Check out our list of best free summer stations.
  • Built-in mic: The X600 has a built-in microphone, so you can use it to accept a quick phone call.
  • Aux input: If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can connect an Aux cable (not included) to the Aux port on the back.
  • Soundcore app support: The Soundcore app gives you some additional functions, such as customizing equalizer, disabling the voice prompts, and upgrading the firmware.
Soundcore Motion X600 speaker in front of water

Battery Life

The Soundcore Motion X600 can last up to 12 hours with the volume around 25% and the Bass Up feature turned off. It takes up to 6 hours to recharge the speaker with a 5V 3A USB-C wall charger (not included).

Video Review

9.5Expert Score

The Soundcore Motion X600 provides a great sound experience with its spatial audio feature, which expands the sound stage all around you. The X600 features strong bass and crystal clear mids and highs, especially with the spatial audio feature enabled.

  • Great sound quality and bass performance
  • Convenient, built-in handle
  • Backlit buttons and IPX7 water resistance
  • Doesn't specifically support Dolby Atmos Music audio formats
  • No "smart" features, like Alexa
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