TaoTronics TT-BH11 Bluetooth Earbuds Review (2016)

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If you need a pair of earbuds that can keep up with you, the TaoTronics TT-BH11 Bluetooth Earbuds stay in place very well thanks the “hook” design.


  • Sound quality: When sealed to your ear canal, you get a decent bass response from these earbuds. Highs are a little tinny, but overall music is acceptable, just not quite the quality of more expensive earbuds.
  • Controls: The inline remote is small and lightweight. The controls are fairly straightforward: a tap of the up and down buttons adjusts the volume, while holding them down changes the track. A tap of the middle button will play/pause your music, while a double-tap will activate Siri. Holding down the middle button turns the earbuds on and off.
  • Standard Micro USB charging: These earbuds use a standard Micro USB port to charge. The battery level of the earbuds display on the iOS status bar on my iPhone.
  • Design: I like the around-the-ear design as it really helps keep these in place while running and working out. The clip on the cable also allows you to secure it on the collar of your shirt so it’s not flopping around.
  • Range: These earbuds seem to have decent range, allowing me to go into another room about 15-20 feet away with minimal distortion. The antennae is located in the right earbud, so if you plan to pair this with an Apple Watch, you’ll likely need to wear the watch on your right hand to avoid interruptions.
  • Voice Prompts: There are voice prompts (such as “power on”) on these earbuds, which is easier to understand than a series of beeps.


  • Sealing to your ear canal: As my ears got sweaty, the earbuds will eventually come loose and you lose some bass quality when that happens. However, you can still hear your music and the earbuds won’t fall completely out of your ear thanks to the hooks. But to get the bass back, you’ll need to gently push them back into your ear occasionally while running.

Overall, these earbuds sound great and have a good range. I also like that the controls are easy to use with the inline remote, and that it’s not so big that it pulls on the right earbud.

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