KingPad K100 Android Tablet Review

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This tablet is very similar in design to the Dragon Touch X10 II that I also reviewed, however the KingPad K100 model has a slightly slower processor, Android 4.4, and no HDMI port. I’m pleased to find that this KingPad K100 features the same high-quality IPS display as the Dragon Touch.


  • Display: The IPS displays really shines on this unit as it allows you to view it an angle without the colors “washing out” or being reflective, which is common on other budget tablets. The 1366×768 resolution provides quality equivalent to 720p making the tablet great for Netflix, YouTube, and general video streaming.
  • Quad Core Processor: Although it’s not a top-of-the-line processor, the quad-core processor performs fairly well for basic tasks such as web browsing, listening to Pandora, checking Facebook, or playing basic games, such as Subway Surfers shown in my video. The tablet received a multicore score of 876 on Geekbench 3.
  • 16GB of storage: This refers to how many apps, photos, videos, and music files you can store directly on the tablet. Since the operating system takes up some of this space, you’re left with about 12 GB of usable memory. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras.
  • 1GB of RAM: The amount of RAM means affects the performance of running multiple apps at once. For example, more RAM makes things quicker when you switch between the Gmail app and the Google Chrome web browser app. Or if you’re playing music on Pandora while flipping through an eBook. More RAM means that the tablet can “remember” multiple apps at the same time without needing to close out apps in the background. 1GB is a decent amount for a budget tablet (some only have half this amount).
  • Bluetooth: Some budget tablets omit Bluetooth to cut costs, but I’m happy to see that it is included in this tablet. This allows you to wirelessly connect Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth speakers, making it ideal for streaming Pandora music.
  • Full-sized USB port: You can connect a flash drive to this tablet without needing to use an OTG cable. The tablet features a full-sized USB port on the side.
  • Two cameras: The tablet features two cameras, front and back. It’s nice to have the camera there for a Skype call or to take a quick photo, but the quality is fairly low.
  • Build: The tablet is thin and portable. The plastic back is smooth which makes it a little slippy, but is still comfortable to hold.
  • Pre-applied screen protector: I really like that there is already a screen protector in place on this tablet. This saved me the hassle of needing to install a screen protector myself (which I typically do with any touchscreen device). Additional screen protectors are available on Amazon.


  • Special charger: The tablet comes with a special charger with barrel connector for the fastest charge. Make sure you don’t lose this charger.
  • Cameras: The quality of the cameras is not great. While it’s OK for grabbing a quick snapshot in bright lighting conditions, low light performance is poor. But for a quick Skype call, it will work in a pinch (just make sure you’re in a brightly lit location).
  • Speakers: The sound quality of the built-in speakers is not great, but you can connect headphones or a Bluetooth speaker instead.

Overall, this is a good basic tablet that is ideal for social media, streaming Netflix, and listening to music. Performance may not be top of the line, but it can still handle basic gaming.

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